Mobil UX EP3 grease

Mobil UX EP3 grease

Mobilux EP (Mobilux EP) series 0,1,2,3,460,004 and 023 is a series of high-performance grease, of which five are general industrial grease, two for the special
Semi-fluid grease. These hydroxy-stearic acid lithium-based greases are formulated to provide super anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-water rinsing and other protective properties

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Mobilux Grease EP Series Grease is recognized as having high performance and exhibits good performance in corrosion protection, low temperature pumping and high temperature service life. 40 pounds of Timken OK carrying capacity shows that they have good The ability to withstand loads and extreme pressures.
Reduce the heavy load or impact load and vibration load wear, equipment, good reliability, high utilization
Anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion and anti-water rinsing performance, able to protect the equipment in the case of water and provide good lubrication
Extend bearing life in humid environments, thus reducing replacement bearing costs and accidental downtime
Good pumping in a centralized lubrication system
Effective leak control

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