Nolato Series 1700 Solid Silicone Strip / Tape

Nolato Series 1700 Solid Silicone Strip / Tape

Nolato Jabar’s silicone rubber tape in both solid
and sponge (with or without pressure sensitive
adhesive) is manufactured in thicknesses from
1/32 thru 1/2 in. and is slit to the requested width.
Sizes shown are the most popular. Custom widths
are available

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(Silicone based or acrylic)
Silicone sheet material (both rubber and sponge)
and strip materials—as well as fabricated gaskets
and extrusions—can be supplied with a pressure
sensitive adhesive backing protected by release
paper. Adhesive on both sides is also available

characteristics. Pronounced flexibility makes
these tapes ideal when conforming to irregular
surfaces. Wrapping around a cylindrical surface
or right angle bends are accomplished without
cutting, splicing or cementing corners.



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