pattex px34

pattex px34


The greater the intensity of the press, the stronger the stickiness of the omnipotent glue.

Larger size of the fire rubber sheet should be placed in the cold press to maintain uniform pressure.

Baidu special grade Wan Nengjiao with waterproof and anti-frost and other advantages, and heat resistance up to 90 ℃ or 120 ℉. Especially for the sun, heating body paste.

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Model: PX34
Specifications: 125ml / support
The use of a variety of different materials, such as bonding a variety of wood, fire rubber sheet, metal, metal foil, plush, leather, rubber, Polystyrene and rigid PVC, excellent performance. Wrapping and inlaid curved surface and other decorative panels, more neat and tidy, the combination of various types of fine wood products, to cope with such as.

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