Japan SANKOL Kishimoto CFD-950 dry film lubricant precision electronic instrument special oil

Japan SANKOL Kishimoto CFD-950 dry film lubricant precision electronic instrument special oil

Typical data:

Project CFD-950
Milky white liquid appearance
Base oil fluorine oil
Solvent fluorine solvent
Operating temperature: -65-150 ℃
Friction coefficient (light load)PS/POM vibration test 0.04
Plastic compatibility test PS/POM/ABS no crack
Copper corrosion test (100℃, 24h), grade qualified
How to use:

Clean contact areas, dip components or apply this product using a brush or sponge.

Operation precautions:

◎ This product contains solvent: ensure full ventilation. Be sure to wash your hands if you eat or smoke after using this product

◎ This product will gradually decompose into fluorinated gas when it is above 250℃ : ensure adequate ventilation.

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Product Introduction:

This product is based on perfluorinated polyether, commonly known as “fluorooil”, and add polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) solid lubrication particles

The combined dry lubricant forms a uniform lubricating film on the surface of the micro-friction pair. It is an electronic part, precision instrument

The machine industry uses a kind of efficient, long life, safe and reliable, clean and pollution-free, excellent performance lubrication materials. This Product

Does not burn, does not support burning. It has excellent chemical inertia, insulation performance, anti-static performance, radiation resistance and corrosion resistance

Performance and non-stick dust. In line with EU environmental standards WEEE and ROHS requirements.

Product Performance:

Excellent high and low temperature stability, fast lubrication film, uniform lubrication film.

◎ Excellent lubrication performance, good permeability, effectively reduce the surface wear of friction pair, provide lasting dry lubrication.

◎ Increase the surface smoothness of friction pair, no oil, no dust and dirty particles adsorption.

◎ Waterproof, moisture-proof, rust-proof function, good compatibility with plastic and elastic colloid.

◎ Environment-friendly, does not destroy the ozone layer.

Typical applications:

◎ It is suitable for the appearance problems caused by grease lubrication, such as the moving parts of the movable chair or armrest mechanism.

◎ It is suitable for reducing friction and ensuring that the joint or sealing device can easily slide into the appropriate connection device. Like a car connector

◎ Precision switch and connector are easy to move and do not stick to dust.

◎ Used for audio-visual equipment, precision optical instrument lubrication. Like a camera