ShinEtsu KR-400 Organic Silicone

ShinEtsu KR-400 Organic Silicone

product characteristics
The KR-400 silicone resin is a demethoxylated methyl type silicone coating agent containing a curing catalyst. At room temperature, about 1 hour can be dry, can be cured for several hours, with excellent weather resistance, rust, water, water, adhesion, chemical resistance
Character, heat resistance, the formation of relatively hard surface film.

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1. The general physical characteristics
KR-400 Silicone resin is a light yellow transparent liquid, is a high hardness coating of solvent-free de-ethanol type coating agent, room temperature drying time of 1 hour.
2.Product applications
KR-400 silicone resin is widely used in ignition, cable connector, circuit board, etc. Insulation, moisture resistance. Communication equipment, measuring instrument, TV receiver anti-rust sealed cold area outdoor electric meter, machine terminal to prevent knot Ice rubber washers, rings and other sealed plastic and metal, glass and other lubrication

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