The genuine Simon Sze 366E joint sealer, a high performance adhesive for the Glue Industry

The genuine Simon Sze 366E joint sealer, a high performance adhesive for the Glue Industry

Application: It is used to fill the gap between the front and rear windshield and the edge of the car body. The gap between glass and rubber and between rubber and steel plate can be filled. Also suitable for dry wood, canvas, leather, cardboard, blankets, washing machines, cold and soft air-conditioning and other industrial equipment products and door frame edge buffer rubber adhesive, suitable for the adhesion of dry interior decoration materials synthetic rubber adhesive. [ notes ]366E contains hazardous ingredients toluene and N-hexane, 366FE contains hazardous ingredients toluene.

1. Highly flammable liquids and Vapors

2. Harmful if swallowed

3. Causes mild skin irritation, severe eye irritation long-term or repeated exposure may cause injury to organs if ingested and harmful to the respiratory tract harmful to aquatic organisms keep away from ignition sources, no Smoking 2. Keep container in well ventilated place 3. Close Container 4. Wear appropriate protective clothing, gloves, eye/face protectors 5. If contact with eyes, wash immediately with a large amount of water and seek medical attention. Do not induce vomiting. 8. Avoid release into the environment, according to the use of materials, different environment and measured data error code.

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Product features: Simon Sze hard 366E is a dry type joint filler fixing agent, long time to maintain flexibility, bending, dry easy to dry after painting, excellent weather resistance, water resistance, oil resistance (especially for oil, lubricants) , when heated to 120-130 °C, it will soften rather than become a fluid, and will not crack when cooled to-20 °C. 366e-viscosity: 1300P/20 °C SOLID COMPOSITION 60% 366fe-viscosity: 1900P/20 °C solid composition 56%