ThreeBond 1401B Screw adhesive Thread fastening glue

ThreeBond 1401B Screw adhesive Thread fastening glue

● Easy to disassemble.
● Suitable for all screws, especially small screws with more disassembly times.

Related technical parameters
● Color: TB1401B is green; TB1401C is red
Main Ingredients: Vinyl acetate resin
● Viscosity: 350mpa · s
● Specific gravity: 0.88
● Non-volatile ingredients: 31%

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ThreeBond 1401B is a synthetic resin as the main component of the loose spill rust prevention agent.Applied to the threaded part, and then assembled, to prevent the agent will play it should be loose, anti-leakage, anti-rust and other functions demolition. When you only need to tighten more than 10-20% of the force can be twisted loose. The product is an indispensable material for the assembly of electronic and mechanical products.

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