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  • Henkel LOCTITE 5055 UV Curable Silicone Sealant Potting Adhesive UV glue

    Product Overview:
    Henkel Loctite 5055 is a non-corrosive, low viscosity, UV/visible-light cured silicone adhesive designed for use in the assembly of disposable medical devices. 1 liter bottle.


  • DOWSIL DC567 silicone flame retardant Potting adhesive electronic and electrical bottomless coating self adhesive type

    Product features:

    Strong bottomless coating adhesive relay
    No solvent, no curing byproducts
    Low viscosity, suitable for dipping
    Solidify into an elastomer
    Long application period (less than 4 days at room temperature)
    Good dielectric property
    Wide range of temperature resistance
    Product advantages:

    Strong adhesion to a variety of substrates, without bottom coating
    Does not corrode or damage sensitive components
    It can slow down mechanical shock and thermal cycle stress and is easy to repair
    Meet the requirements of electrical insulation
    It is stable and elastic at -55-200℃
    Physical form: curing: low viscosity fluid curing: elastic rubber
    Storage temperature: 0-35 degrees Celsius


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