• Nolato Norante8817HAB two-component high-temperature curing conductive silica gel

    Product features
    ● High temperature curing (100℃~150℃), with strong intermolecular bonding force and stable performance.
    ● Excellent conductivity.
    ● Good fluidity and high production efficiency.
    ● Strong adhesion.
    ● meet EU RoHS directive.
    ● It can be applied to triangle dispensing process, which can make up the fit tolerance of workpieces better.
    ●Trishield dispensing pad-triangle

  • Nolato Series 1110 Solid Silicone Rubber Sheets

    These sheets are manufactured to ZZ-R-765, AA59588, applicable MIL, AMS and SAE standards.
    Commercial grades are available in durometers
    from 10 to 85. Thicker sheets (2″ and more)
    are available special order. Many sizes and
    specifications in stock for immediate delivery.

  • Nolato Series 1120 Silicone Sponge Rubber Sheets

    Both silicone rubber solid and silicone rubber
    sponge products (with either a coating of silicone
    based pressure sensitive adhesive backing, for
    maximum temperature advantage, or an acrylic
    based pressure sensitive adhesive) provide the
    greatest tack capability.

  • Nolato Series 1125 Silicone Sponge Continuous Sheets

    This closed cell sheet in roll form is manufactured
    to AMS and MIL specification. Density can be
    selected to meet specific requirements for low
    closure load seals. Available in widths of 18
    inches, 24 inches, and 36 inches in 1/16″ through
    5/8″ thickness

  • Nolato Series 1130 Fluorosilicone Rubber Sheets

    • Aircraft, Military and Commercial Aviation
    • Petrochemical and Oil Refining Industries
    • Electronics

  • Nolato Series 1700 Solid Silicone Strip / Tape

    Nolato Jabar’s silicone rubber tape in both solid
    and sponge (with or without pressure sensitive
    adhesive) is manufactured in thicknesses from
    1/32 thru 1/2 in. and is slit to the requested width.
    Sizes shown are the most popular. Custom widths
    are available

  • NolatoCompashield Compashield proprietary brand of molded and extruded EMI shielding gaskets in the form of cans, frames, tubes, sheets and components

    A molded conductive gasket enables a more complex design of the gasket’s geometry. Nolato has developed processes to combine multiple materials in molding. Electrically conductive material can be combined with pure silicone to achieve a gasket that will shield both electromagnetic radiation and environmental strains. A plastic carrier can be used in combination with conductive silicone material to strengthen the gasket in one or two directions, and still allow it to be flexible in its compressed direction.

  • NYE 8512 A PTFE thickened medium viscosity fully fluorinated grease

    Nye fluorocar bonuniflor 8512  anti rust grease

    A PTFE thickened synthetic hydrocarbon grease with medium viscosity is used in automobile and industrial control. It needs light viscosity and its damping characteristics change little with temperature

  • Nye fluorocarbon gel 868 anti rust agent fluorocarbon gel grease



    Rust Inhibited

    A PTFE thickened, medium viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease intended for automotive and industrial controls which require a light tack and minimal change in damping characteristics with temperature.

      Lubricant Properties Typical Value Test Method
    Recommended Service Range (°C)   -40 to 125  
    Thickener     PTFE  
    Base Oil Type   Polyalphaolefin  
      Kinematic Viscosity -40° C > 1000000 cSt ASTM D-445
        40°C 5548 cSt  
        100°C 525 cSt  
      Viscosity Index   280 ASTM D-2270
      Flash Point °C >200 ASTM D-92
      Pour Point °C -30 ASTM D-97
      Typical Properties of the Grease   Typical Value Test Method
    Color, Appearance     White  
    Penetration NLGI Grade   2 ASTM D-217
    (1/10 mm) Worked 60X 277 ASTM D-217
      Un worked   293 ASTM D-217
    Density   25° C 1.16 g/cm3 NYE CTM
    Oil Separation 24 hour(s) 100°C 0 FTM 791,

    Method 321.2

    Evaporation 24 hour(s) 100°C 0.2  


  • Nye fluorocarbon gel 868h grease A low viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon grease thickened by PTFE

    Nye fluorocarbon gel 868 anti rust grease

    A PTFE thickened synthetic hydrocarbon grease with medium viscosity is used in automobile and industrial control. It needs light viscosity and its damping characteristics change little with temperature

  • Nye neogel 774vh grease is a hard, silicon thickened, very heavy viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon grease

    Nye neogel 774vh grease Its products are widely used in automotive industry, vacuum manufacturing, aerospace, national defense, medical equipment, food and electronics industry.Nye neogel 774vh grease is a hard, silicon thickened, super heavy viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon grease, which is used for mechanical parts with ultra-high damping coefficient and has good waterproof performance.

  • Nye nyogel 760g synthetic hydrocarbon based lipid For lubrication and protection of tin lead plugs

    This unusual lubricant can be used for simple plugs, especially when a large number of plugs work together. It can also prevent the easily damaged plug metal from being oxidized and corroded, which will shorten the service life of the plug. It also contains ultraviolet dyes for identification