SONY white glue adhesive sealant SC608Z2

SONY white glue adhesive sealant SC608Z2

An excellent electrical insulator.
Highly viscous and thixotropic, the product can be easily applied to a vertical surface without threading that may lead to an untidy appearance.
SC608LVZ2 is identical to SC608Z2 except for a lower viscosity.

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Welding machine, electronic parts with a series of adhesive with excellent electrical characteristics and bonding force, can be widely mentioned the various needs. Flame retardant UL94V-Q for power suppliers, monitors and other electronic components such as dimensional seal, shock fixed.
Polyester type adhesive (SC608) The main component of this adhesive is polyester resin. This UL94V-Q is a qualified adhesive, it is added inside the polyester resin, it has a good insulation, to prevent burning performance, especially for fixed high- How to prevent electromagnetic interference, bonding operation is simple.

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