EccoGreaseEM20-1 Long-acting plastic grease

EccoGreaseEM20-1 Long-acting plastic grease

Performance characteristics:

Wide working temperature range, low temperature starting and running torque;

Excellent bearing capacity and wear resistance, can eliminate noise for a long time;

Very low friction coefficient, evaporation loss and diffusivity, very long service life;

Good oxidation stability, mechanical stability, colloidal stability and anti-aging ability;

Excellent water resistance and corrosion protection, well compatible with most plastics and elastomers

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Product Description: EccoGreaseEM20-1 long-acting plastic grease is a lifelong lubrication for plastic gears, plastic/plastic rooms and plastic/metal transmission mechanisms in electronics, electrical appliances, precision machines and automobile industries. It is often used to lubricate and silence plastic gears and movement parts of electric toys, audio-visual appliances, CD-ROM drives, office equipment, precision instruments, and plastic moving parts of clocks, timers, cameras, etc.


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