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Physical and chemical properties
Physical state: liquid
Color: yellowish brown
Smell: peculiar odor
Melting point/freezing point: no data
Boiling point or initial stay point and boiling range: no data
Flammable: flammable liquid
Explosion limit and explosion limit/flammability limit: no data
Flash point: 140 ° c
Points of spontaneous combustion: no data
Decomposition temperature: no data
Ph: no data
Kinematic viscosity: 16.6 mm /s (40 ° c)
Solubility: water: slightly soluble in toluene and xylene.
N-octanol/water distribution coefficient (log value) : no data
Steam pressure: no data
Density and/or relative density: 0.992 (15 ° c)
Relative gas density: no data
Particle properties: no data