Kanto Kasei Hanarl TC 784

Kanto Kasei Hanarl TC 784

Our products are widely used for a variety of applications including machinery, electrical contacts, electrical conductors, torque transmission, impregnating and heat release for high-tech devices such as TVs, cameras, computers and automotive electrical components.
These products, developed in anticipation ahead of time, have gained immense trust.

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Our mechanical grease/oil have been widely used for sliding parts, rotating shafts, gears, bearings and such for electronic mechanisms, precision devices, automobiles etc. We have lined up many product variations to satisfy a wide variety of requirements and accommodate low to high operating temperatures.
Our products can be used stably with various materials including rubber, resin and metal. Colored products are also available. Our comprehensive services include proposals—for example, a proposal on dispensers that prevents errors in use and improves productivity—and other backup services.


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