Araldite AV138 ab glue

Araldite AV138 ab glue


1.Keep away from the reach of children

2.Use in well ventilated,but not take orally,due

  To its acrylic smell

3.Store in cool,dry and draughty place,and keep

  Away from heat and flame source.

4.Don’t exchange the caps of A and B.

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Product name: Structure adhesive AV138M/HV998 Araldite love prison
Packing specification: 500 g/set




Product description:


Love prison AV138M/HV998 is a two-component, room temperature curing paste adhesive, high strength, good toughness, when fully cured, the adhesive has excellent high temperature resistance and high corrosion resistance. Suitable for bonding a variety of metals, ceramics, glass, rubber, hard plastic, and most commonly used materials, there is a requirement for resistance to bad environment also can be widely used in industry. Because of low volatility, so is suitable for the special electronic communications industry and aviation.


HV998 for grey AV138M for beige







Stick to the strength and durability of it depends on the proper bonding surface pretreatment. At the very least, adhesive surface should use a good cleaning agent, such as trichloroethylene, to remove oily be soiled, dirt and dust of can. Never use alcohol, gasoline or paint thinner. Through mechanical polishing or chemical etching have been cleaning the surface, can get the highest strength, the best bonding durability. Cleaning should be the second time after polishing.
Cure time:


Room temperature at 23 degrees Celsius, the curing time is 24 hours

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