MOLYKOTE HP-500 high temperature grease

MOLYKOTE HP-500 high temperature grease

Performance: Compatible with most plastics
The Excellent stability at high temperatures
The Resistant to chemicals and solvents
The Strong anti-aging properties, suitable for long-term / lifetime lubrication
The Low steam pressure

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color: white
Ingredients: Perfluoropolyether, PTFE thickener, heat and corrosion resistance
Work cone penetration: 2mm / 10
20 ℃ Density: 280 g / ml
Base oil viscosity: 40 ° C: 2.0 mm / s
Operating temperature: -20 ° c ~ 250 ° c
Application method:
Clean the contact surface. Brush with a brush, scraper, grease gun or automatic lubrication device, do not mix with other grease


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