Specifications: 400ml / support
1. Very high stainless steel content
2. High alloy stainless steel particles and weather resistant synthetic resin to form a good stainless steel corrosion
3. Color: stainless steel, chrome: 18%, nickel: 8%, manganese: 2%
4. Maximum heat-resistant temperature: 300 ℃ Application: applicable to all metals, wood, glass, ceramics and most of the plastic

5. Metaflux 70-78 stainless steel spray has excellent stainless steel coating
6. Good weather resistance, with anti-corrosion ability
7. Anti-wear
8. Quick dry, dry for 5 minutes

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Product Detail


Product name METAFLUX 70-05scale inhibitor corrosion inhibitor
Appearance Colorless Transparent Liquid
Keywords Stainless steel
Color Colorless Transperant
Function scale inhibitor
Material Loose antirust agent
PH value 7 Stainless steel
Item Technical Specifications
paking 400ml corrosion inhibitor
Name Rust-proof loosening agent


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