Henkel 8400 Instant glue

Henkel 8400 Instant glue

Loctite SICOMET 8400 is a fast curing, the main adhesive plastic and elastomer bonding fast dry glue.
Viscosity (mPa.s): 155-195
Curing speed (solid): metal and metal 30 ~ 50s
Plastic and plastic 10 ~ 25s
Rubber and rubber 2 ~ 5s
Packing: 50g
Best storage temperature (℃): 2 ~ 8

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The Sicomet 8400 is widely used in transformer manufacturing instead of traditional packaging.
Applications such as manufacturing of trunk, container, clean room and ship decoration;
Elevator industry, the elevator door stiffener bonding;
Filter industry, the end of the cover bonding, folding fixed, hollow fiber membrane head;
Lighting special glass, fiberglass, PC and other metal bonding; rail insulation bonding and other industries

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