• Henkel 8400 Instant glue

    Loctite SICOMET 8400 is a fast curing, the main adhesive plastic and elastomer bonding fast dry glue.
    Viscosity (mPa.s): 155-195
    Curing speed (solid): metal and metal 30 ~ 50s
    Plastic and plastic 10 ~ 25s
    Rubber and rubber 2 ~ 5s
    Packing: 50g
    Best storage temperature (℃): 2 ~ 8

  • Henkel LOCTITE 222MS motor screw thread glue motor screw locking adhesive anaerobic adhesive

    LOCTITE thread locking products prevent bolt looseness and help the bolt resist vibration and impact. These products are easily flowing liquids that completely fill the Spaces between threads. LOCTITE thread locking adhesive permanently ensures bolt assembly safety and provides uniform assembly torque to prevent friction corrosion.

  • Henkel LOCTITE 270 GN high strength high temperature anaerobic adhesive thread locking sealant

    Henkel LOCTITE 270 GN is an anaerobic holding adhesive designed to hold cylindrical mating parts

    In the case of air isolation, the product cures between two closely matched metal surfaces and has good adhesion even on lightly oiled substrate surfaces

  • Henkel LOCTITE 277 motor magnetic steel glue thread locking anaerobic adhesive for engines

    Product name: LOCTITE 277
    Product specification: 50ml/250ml
    Fluorescence: with fluorescence
    Appearance (not cured): red liquid
    Viscosity (mpa) s) : 7000
    Tolerance temperature (℃): -55~150℃
    Start time: 45 minutes
    Curing mode: anaerobic curing
    Chemical type: methacrylate
    Application features: red, high strength, high viscosity, thread locking adhesive containing methacrylate, suitable for large thread. They fluoresce so they can monitor them.

  • Henkel LOCTITE 403 Quick Drying Adhesive Low odor low bleaching High strength quick drying adhesive multi-purpose active adhesive

    LOCTITE 403 is a medium viscosity, low odor, low albino, alkoxyethyl transient dry adhesive suitable for use in difficult vapor control situations. It can quickly bond to a variety of materials, including metals, plastics and elastomers. Especially suitable for bonding porous or absorbent materials.

    Product Features

    1. Low odor, suitable for situations where steam control is essential

    2. Low bleaching, suitable for the manufacture of cosmetics

    3. Colorless and transparent

    4. Very suitable for porous substrates

  • Henkel LOCTITE 460 Instant adhesive Low bleaching low odor quick drying adhesive Metal plastic rubber universal

    The rate of cure will depend on the ambient relative
    humidity. The best results are achieved when the relative
    humidity in the working environment is 40% to 60% at 22°C.
    Lower humidity leads to slower cure. Higher humidity
    accelerates it, but may impair the final strength of the bond.

  • Henkel LOCTITE 495 glue colorless transparent transient dry adhesive acrylic adhesive

    Typical use of Loctite 495 instant drying glue:

    Loctite 495 Instant dry adhesive adhesives rubber, plastic and metal. Use and application Surface cleaning To obtain good bonding results, the glued surface shall be clean and free of rust inhibitors, release agents, lipids, oils and other contaminants. Used for bonding rubber, metal and plastic parts, can fill 0.10mm gap, can be used with Loctite 7542 accelerator

  • Henkel LOCTITE 542 motor thread locking special glue motor magnetic steel bonding anaerobic adhesive

    Product name: LOCTITE 542
    Product specification: 50ml/250ml
    Composition: single component – no mixing required
    Appearance (not cured): brown liquid
    Viscosity (mpa) s) : 600
    Operating temperature (℃): -55-150℃
    Curing time: full solid 24 hours
    Curing mode: anaerobic curing
    Chemical type: methacrylate
    Application features: The LOCTITE542 is designed for the locking and sealing of metal pipes and fittings and other cylindrical metal assemblies. When air is isolated between tightly fitted metal surfaces, the product solidifies and prevents looseness and leakage due to shock and vibration

  • Henkel LOCTITE 7701 Medical grade oil removal acrylic instant dry adhesive accelerator surface treatment agent

    Model: 7701
    Specification: 1.75 FL. OZ
    Origin: China
    Color: Transparent
    Shelf life :24 months
    Application: it is suitable for the assembly of medical equipment

  • Henkel LOCTITE M18 Metal loosening decontamination antirust bolt screw lubricant



    1.Shake the product can thoroughly before use.


    2.Flip the attached metal straw up and spray at a distance of about 5-10cm with the metal straw onto area.


    3.Repeat application twice or three times on rusted, corroded and seized parts and then knock the parts by a rubber hammer or sinilar tools lightly for best results.


    4.Aiter use, flip the straw down and stored in cool and dry place.

  • Henkel Sicomet 99 Instant adhesive

    Product model: sicomet99
    Brand: Loctite
    Product color: transparent colorless to pale yellow
    Application: Suitable for electronic components, leather, plastic, rubber, stone, metal, wood.
    ◆ Packing: 20g
    ◆ Applicable temperature (℃): – 30/100
    Recommended accelerator: sicomet hi speed bs accelerator beschleuniger

  • Loctai 3623 one component transparent medical grade UV curing adhesive UV glue

    Use guide

    1. The product is photosensitive. Store and operate away from sunlight, ultraviolet and artificial light.

    2. The product shall be dispensed with dispensing equipment with black feeding pipe.

    3. For best results, the surface of the bonded material should be clean and free of grease.

    4. The curing speed depends on the intensity of the light source, the distance from the light source, the curing depth, the bonding gap and the transmittance of the material..

    5. For temperature sensitive bases, such as thermoplastics, cooling is required.

    6 crystalline and semi-crystalline thermoplastics contact liquid glue need to check whether there is the possibility of stress cracking.

    7. Excessive uncured adhesives can be removed by organic solvents (e.g. acetone).

    8. The adhesive shall be cooled before bearing any load.