• Mobil DTE Oil AA


    These oils are intended primarily for the lubrication of plain bearings, roller bearings, parallel shaft and bevel gearing. They are suitable as multipurpose lubricants in systems not subject to shock loading and which do not require extreme pressure performance. They are used in applications using splash, bath and ring oil arrangements and all other application methods involving pumps, valves and auxiliary equipment. They are recommended for use in hydraulic systems where higher viscosity oils are specified.

    • Moderate duty spur, bevel, helical and herringbone gear units
    • Circulating systems
    • Mobil DTE Oil Extra Heavy and BB can also be used in hydraulic systems employing gear, vane, radial and axial piston pumps where anti-wear hydraulic fluids are required and clearances are relatively large
    • Certain compressors and vacuum pumps handling air, natural gas and inert gases provided the discharge temperatures do not exceed 150°C
  • Mobil SHC 522 elevator guide rail grease gear oil


    • Run-in oil and lay-up oil for engines and industrial equipment
    • Turbines that will be out of service for long periods
    • Hydraulic systems where water is present and the formation of emulsions will not effect operation
    • Test calibration oil
  • Mobil UNIRE N2 DTEFM Lubricant Grease Oil

    Mobil Gundam ™ Series N is a high quality composite lithium base grease suitable for use in high temperature rolling bearings. These versatile greases are suitable for a variety of industrial applications, especially for electric motor lubrication

  • Mobil UX EP3 grease

    Mobilux EP (Mobilux EP) series 0,1,2,3,460,004 and 023 is a series of high-performance grease, of which five are general industrial grease, two for the special
    Semi-fluid grease. These hydroxy-stearic acid lithium-based greases are formulated to provide super anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-water rinsing and other protective properties