• AB glue ergo1309 high temperature glue

    Ergo1309. Threaded locking agent, low strength, medium viscosity products designed specifically for the occasional need to remove the adjustment of the fasteners and design, but also for fine tooth thread screws and thread spacing is greater than the thread diameter of 2 times the situation. Hand tools can be easily removed. Control the lubrication, to achieve precise clamping force, in the case of vibration, to prevent fasteners loose.


  • Ergo5920 transparent quick glue

    Product Introduction:
    ergo.5920 cyanoacrylate is an ultra-low odor, ultra-low whitening, low viscosity instant glue.
    ergo.5920 Universal purpose of bonding: metal, plastic, leather, make-up industry, dental instruments, medical tools, they can join a variety of types of materials, including metal, plastic, elastomer, wood, stone, Leather, fabric, or any combination of these materials.