• 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 400OUV one-component, medium-strength, moisture-curing, gap-filling sealant that cures

    • High performance, medium strength bonding allows for disassembly
    • Excellent UV resistance
    • Color stable sealing
    • Above and below the water line applications
    • 15-20 minute skin time helps keep jobs moving quickly
    • Medium strength – can be removed if rework or repair is necessary
    • Paintable immediately after application

    3M™ Marine Adhesive Sealant 4000 UV is a one-component, medium-strength, moisture-curing, gap-filling sealant that cures to form a firm, flexible and waterproof seal on aluminum, wood, gel coat and fiberglass, making it well-suited for marine applications above or below the waterline. This product offers excellent UV resistance for reliable long term performance.

  • 510 plane anaerobic adhesive sealing

    510 plane sealing agent of anaerobic _ [temperature]
    510 sealant, 510 plane anaerobic adhesive sealing and fluid resistance is good, high temperature resistant, rigid protectionlayer, middle flange parts for Zha structure closely, 0.25 mm maximum fill gaps; The highest working temperature range of 204 degrees, has excellent resistance to solvent and chemical resistance. The product in two close to the metal surface, curing at room temperature, the air situation.
    Typical use: anaerobic plane sealing, high temperature resistant

  • 515 sealant plane anaerobic adhesive sealing

    Typical use: anaerobic plane sealing, universal;
    Color: fluorescent purple;
    The biggest gap filling: 0.25 mm;
    Mixer viscosity (mPa) s) 150000 ~ 375000;
    Heat resistance: – 54 ℃ to 149 ℃;
    In pieces shear strength (Mpa) 3 ~ 7;

  • 518 plane anaerobic adhesive sealing

    LOCTITE _ LOCTITE 518 plane sealing anaerobic agent
    LOCTITE henkel LOCTITE 518 glue, LOCTITE 518 plane anaerobic adhesive sealing and universal, good flexibility, good fluid resistance, no corrosion, especially suitable for aluminium surface; It can form a flexible, solvent resistant seal layer, not tear or aging, can be used for the flexible metal assembly includes the aluminum surface, easy disassembly and removal.
    Typical application: used for aluminum alloy, fast curing
    Color: red fluorescence

  • 603 cylindrical solid glue

    Loctite603 cylindrical solid glue, henkel loctite 603 glue is a kind of one-component, anaerobic type solid hold glue, used to hold cylindrical mating parts. In isolation with air condition, the condition of the product in two close coordination between the metal surface of curing, even on the surface of the base material that is slightly polluted oil has good adhesion.
    Typical use: the intensity, good for oily, used for bonding cylindrical mating parts, especially in cannot ensure bonding surface is clean. Applications include rolling bearing or oil-immersed bushing is fixed onto the base.
    Color: green.

  • 609Bearing repair sealing glue

    LOCTITE609_ loctite 609 cylindrical rubber are _ [low viscosity/high strength]
    LOCTITE henkel LOCTITE 609 glue, LOCTITE 609 cylindrical solid glue, low viscosity, high strength, suitable for filter, interference fit, hold the key to shaft, bearings, small motor rotor shaft and bushing, cooperate with the strength increase temperature, repair the wear of a shaft with a hole or ultra poor parts. The ideal radial fill the gap of 0.13 mm below, after 24 hours can provide 21 mpa shear strength, can easily switch different parts of the metal materials, can withstand the temperature to 149 degrees.
    Typical use: high intensity

  • 620 screw anaerobic adhesive glue

    620 anaerobic adhesive High temperature resistant cylindrical solid glue

    High strength
    High viscosity
    Don’t flow
    Apply to hold the valve casing, injection molding machine set, valve set, cylinder liner, slotting, etc

  • 680 glue loctite 680 cylindrical solid glue

    LOCTITE680_ loctite 680 cylindrical rubber are _ “high strength”
    LOCTITE henkel LOCTITE 680 glue, LOCTITE 680 cylindrical solid glue, high strength, viscosity, suitable for clearance fit or interference fit, retaining sleeve, pulley, gear, rotor, repair the hole, shaft mating parts, super bad parts, in 10 minutes early curing, of steel in 24 hours to provide greater than 20.7 N/mm. Shear strength and the maximum radial fill the gap of 0.25 mm. Anaerobic type glue, are used for solid cylindrical mating parts. In the case of cut off from the air, this product in two close coordination between the metal surface of curing.

  • Aluminum alloy gap filling structural adhesive glue

    Typical use: impact resistance
    Color: transparent, light amber
    The biggest fill gaps: 0.5 mm
    Viscosity: 11000/24000
    The curing speed (at the beginning of solid/solid) : 5 minutes per 24 hours
    Recommend a promoter: 7649
    Relative density: 1.06
    Packing specification: 50 ml bottles of 1 l bottles

  • Authentic loctite 326 glue loctite326 structural adhesive

    Loctite326 glue, home furnishings loctite UV326 UV curing UV glue is a kind of single component, structure of anaerobic adhesive with high viscosity, ultraviolet radiation/anaerobic two-way curing, can also be used with LT7649 curing, wide used in adhesive suitable material. When the product is suitable for treatment, exposure to uv radiation. It can also be combined with surface treatment and surface active agent.

  • Authentic loctite 403 glue Loctite403 instant glue

    Largest fill gaps: 0.25 mm;
    Heat resistance: – 54 ℃ to 100 ℃;
    In pieces shear strength (Mpa) 14 ~ 22;
    Curing speed: 50 seconds at the beginning of all solid solid ~ 24 hours;
    Relative density: 1.10;

  • Glass ceramic and plastic alloy glue 50 ml

    Chemical types: urethane methacrylate

    Appearance (not cure) : transparent light amber liquid

    Composition: single-component – need not be mixed

    Low viscosity:

    Curing method: anaerobic activator

    Advantages: curing chamber water curing

    Application: adhesive

    Model: 319

    Color: transparent, light amber

    The biggest fill gaps: 0.25 mm